Great success for the Fasciani Corsa Team

The second race of the FMI Flat Track Italian Championship took place on April the 26th 2014 at 9 pm.After some months of calm the hippodrome San Paolo at Montegiorgio hosted the second race of the FMI Flat Track Italian Championship (the first one on the 22nd  of March 2014, due to weather conditions didn’t take place). It has been a great and exciting battle starting from the beginning. With perfect conditions and more and more powerful motorbikes, pilots came back to race with “the victory on mind” and they gave an exciting, extraordinary performance, as always. Great success for the Fasciani Corsa Team which saw Daniele Moschini achieving the second position. It has been a very awaited return; during the free practice he showed his will of competing, ready to defend the title and to chase the podium for this season too. In 2012 Moschini has been the FMI Flat Track Italian champion with Fasciani Corsa, that year he also gained the first place of the podium in the FMI Flat Track World Championship with Fabrizio Vesprini, the racer from Montegiorgio. Those of 2012 and 2013 have been spectacular seasons for the Team, ready to put itself on the line and to defend the title with the young Moschini. It was an exciting beginning of season in which he was really determined and keen for success, the race had a thrilling final which saw  the youngster Francesco Cecchini winning the race, with Moschini who reached the second position followed by Vittorio Emanuele Marzotto, who gained the third one. Alberto Fasciani, the owner of the Fasciani Corsa Team is satisfied for the beginning of the season: “great race, always spectacular! I hope that we will be able to achieve the results of the past years. We want to be on top of the championship, competing for the first places, this is our goal. Today our motorbike is still very competitive and able to fight against the  newest bikes of the giant motorbike companies.” From Alberto Fasciani point of view Moschini is ready to compete and win! Next race: Lonigo (VI) 24th of May 2014.

albertofasciani e daniele moschini








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