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All photos about our stand in Cologne for the Spoga Horse Fair

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The main aim of Alberto Fasciani is being as close as possible to his customers in order to create that feeling which means continuity.

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Alberto Fasciani, a brand which has always been expression of the italian creativity and innovation, renews its presence in the world wide web.

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The eyes can lie, a smile can divert but the shoes always say the truth.

Women love boots because they are symbols of originality and fantasy.

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“Each shoe’s got a certain way of walking; each way of walking’s got a different conception of the world.”*

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“Ogni  scarpa una camminata; ogni camminata, una diversa concezione del mondo”*

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E’ tempo di scendere in pista per Alberto Fasciani: tutto pronto per Verona Motor Bike Expo, manifestazione che si svolgeContinue Reading..


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