The New Spring Summer Collection 2017

The new 2017 spring summer collection contains a series of classic  designs made out of high quality leather and some of them with an intense pleasant scent. The new collection has been studied to be as environmentally friendly as possibile, starting from the design and material to the production process. Here you can find some of the stunning masterpiece made by Alberto Fasciani, that are available on our e-commerce.


Torres 204_Rustico 77 Torres 204_Sambuco ebano_Marmor caffè Torres 204_Sambuco kaki Torres 28328_Sambuco kaki TORRES 44011 Alce nero e Crosta tabacco  fr 24434 Para TORRES_15012_ Issopo cocco (fr 13) lavato e anticato TORRES_20324_Greenco crust_Tinto capo navy TORRES_28328_Greenco crust tinto capo blu (fr 19) TORRES_44004_Issopo teak (fr 13) lavato TORRES_44011_Alce cigar_Crosta blu TORRES_44064_Ron Nero



Tessa 203_VAR.1 Tessa 203_VAR.15 Tessa 203_VAR.22 Tessa 37011_Sambuco java_Pecos t.moro Tessa 45014_Alce olive Tessa 45014_Alce sand Tessa 45014_Sambuco vigogna Tessa 45045_Issopo cocco Tessa 45045_Sambuco vigogna TESSA_45000_Greenco crust TESSA_45000_Issopo Nero TESSA_45005_Ron Nero TESSA_45013_Angel cuoio TESSA_45045_Issopo Nero

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